Reasons Why Bamboo Flooring Is The Best

Reasons why bamboo flooring is better than the other wooden floors

Flooring usually characterizes the entire appearance of a house. This is even more apparent when the flooring is made of bamboo. Wooden flooring last longer and therefore are preferred by many interior designers. Bamboo flooring is known for its aesthetic value and timeless glamour that makes them to look stylish and attractive. These are some of the reasons that have made bamboo floor to emerge as the best alternative to other wooden floors that were being used. Currently, everyone who wants to add a natural look to their house will consider bamboo flooring.

Bamboo floor is made by cutting long bamboo stems into small pieces. These pieces are then ground and boiled in a process called pasting. The bamboo paste is then persevered by strong preservatives like boring acid which gives them the long lasting characteristics. Urea formaldehyde is applied to it for lamination purposes. This is the reason why bamboo floor is easy to maintain, durable and reasonably priced compared to other wooden floors that are made of hardwood. Bamboo floors have become popular because they are eco-friendly and the same time cannot be easily attacked by mites. They are easy to dust when they get soiled and are not affected by pollutants.


Maintenance of bamboo floor is not demanding since they are repaired in the same style as other hard wood flooring. However, they need to be regularly sanded and the dust swept off. If one needs a shiny surface then they can use a wet mop when wiping it. It is recommended that you avoid cleaning agents that are corrosive even if the surface is resistant. It is also not necessary to polish and wax the floor every other day

Bamboo floors come in different textures, shapes, and colors. Some of the common colors are the dark tawny shade, dyed shade and shades of natural light. Apart from the normal floors, one can also get plank terrazzo, floating floor and the tongue and groove floorboards. Most of the floorboards usually require glue so as to be able to stick them together. However, the click together’ ones do not usually require any adhesives.

Before finishing up a bamboo flooring, one needs to treat them using UV treatment. The maintenance process used in bamboo flooring is not similar to the one involved in other hardwood floors. This is because bamboo is a grass species and not a tree and hence the difference. Traditional cleansers such as caustics and acids used on hardwood floor may not be effective on bamboo floors. The normal detergent and water is the best for bamboo floor. This makes it extremely simple to clean daily. A door mat can be placed at the entrance so that people could wipe dirt and other debris before entering the house.

The broom used to sweep the house should have soft strands. The normal sweeper with brittle strands can easily remove the urethane floor coating. To avoid scratches one should use a vacuum cleaner more regularly. Alternatively you can mop it with a wet mop that has tiny fibers. Bamboo floor does not shrink and expand like hardwood floor and one does not need to worry about that. The normal dish soap and water are the best cleaners for bamboo floors. They are enough to give the floor a bright appearance.